The Organ at Our Savior

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With the move to an acoustically rich sanctuary on Nottingham Parkway in the Hurstbourne subdivision in 1969, the congregation of Our Savior Lutheran eagerly anticipated the arrival of a new pipe organ that was necessary to meet the musical needs of the church.  The congregation opted to work with the Reuter Organ Company of Lawrence, Kansas.  The installation was completed in April, 1971.

The character of the organ is based primarily on its use as an instrument of worship.  Its complement of diapason, flute, string and reed stops permits the presentation of all types of organ music.  It serves well as a solo instrument in addition to providing accompaniment for both choir and congregational music.  It is also an integral part of the design of the sanctuary, the visual display of the pipes adding much to the décor of the building.

In 2011, Our Savior engaged Berghaus Organ Builders of Bellwood, Illinois to refurbish the organ and make tonal enhancements.  A new computer system was provided by Peterson Electro-Musical Products, with features that includes 256 memory levels, record/playback, piston sequencer, and transposer.  Additions consisted of a new 8’ Gemshorn, extending the Bombarde rank to act as a solo reed, and a five-bell Zimbelstern.  The reburbished organ now consists of two manuals, 33 stops, and 30 ranks.  About half of the pipes are under expression – contained within two boxes with movable shutters – with the remaining pipes in a freestanding position exposed to view.


Stop List

Great (stops enclosed *)

8’ Principal

8’ Gemshorn

8’ Spitzflöte  *

8’ Spitzflöte Celeste  *

4’ Octave

4’ Gemshorn

4’ Koppelflöte  *

2’ Fifteenth

Fourniture IV

8’ Krummhorn  *

8’ Bombarde (PED)




16’ Gt. To Gt.

Gt. Unison off

4’ Gt. to Gt.

8’ Sw. to Gt.

4’ Sw. to Gt.


Swell  (all enclosed)

16’ Rohr Gedeckt

8’ Rohrflöte

8’ Viola da Gamba

8’ Viola Celeste TC

4’ Spitz Principal

4’ Hohlflöte

2 2/3’ Nasard

2’ Blockflöte

1 3/5’ Tierce

8’ Trompette

8’ Oboe


16’ Sw. to Sw.

Sw. Unison off

4’ Sw. to Sw.



32’ Acoustic Bass

32’ Untersatz

16’ Principal

16’ Bourdon

16’ Rohr Gedeckt (SW)

8’ Octave

8’ Gemshorn

8’ Bourdon

8’ Rohrflöte (SW)

4’ Choralbass

4’ Bourdon

Mixture III

16’ Bombarde

8’ Bombarde

4’ Clarion

8’ Gt. To Ped.

4’ Gt. To Ped.

8’ Sw. to Ped.

4’ Sw. to Ped.