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A Message from Mercy

Hi, friends,


What a job I have, working hard as a ministry outreach of Our Savior.  It is a privilege to go out and serve others, representing Our Savior Lutheran Church and School.  Thank you for giving me that opportunity!


In most ways, October was a fairly regular month for me and my handlers.  I went to my many regular places to visit and I greeted here at Our Savior most Sundays.  I did make one special trip to Trinity Lutheran Church in Darmstadt, Indiana, near Evansville.  My handlers and I shared about the Comfort Dog ministry and met lots of great people.


However, October was also a very special month, because I gained a new handler!  Her name is Amy Romines!  At the beginning of October, I went with Ms. Sherry (Ederheimer) and Amy up to Lutheran Church Charities headquarters in Chicago.  We spent several days teaching Ms. Amy all the commands and working with her to perfect them.  (I tried my hardest.)  Good news is that she passed and is now a full-fledged handler at Our Savior.  She will be working with me on Tuesdays regularly and whenever else she is needed.


I would like to put in a plug for my wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Ron Mitchell of Westport Animal Hospital.  His services are complimentary to me, and he gives Our Savior a great discount on my meds and shots.  He has such a gentle demeanor and is glad to see me when I come in.  Recently, he did a deep cleaning of my teeth at no cost to us.  What a great vet!  I would highly recommend him for your pets, too.


Are you looking to get involved with a ministry at Our Savior?  My team is constantly looking for more people willing to help out with our ministry, whether as a dog handler or especially at this time, ministry partner.  Ministry partners go out with the handlers and assist them in handing out cards, greeting people, talking with them and praying with them when appropriate.  Time commitment is as much as you care to do.  If you are interested in any of these positions please contact my “top dog”, Doug Netherton at 541-5199.  We can fit you in.


If you’d care to follow what I am doing and view my pictures, you can see me and “like” me on my own Facebook page.  I am currently at 3,333 “likes” on my page.  Have you liked me yet?  Share me with your Facebook friends.  All they have to do is click “like” on my page.  I also have a Twitter account as well.  You can follow me there.  My handle is @LCCK9Mercy. I also have an Instgram account!  (These social media pages are keeping my handlers busy!  If you ever have a picture of me on your camera or phone, send it to them!  They’d appreciate it!)  My Instagram handle is lcck9mercy.  Look me up and follow me there, too.  Facebook tends to be my primary means of social media at this time, though.


Did you know that my ministry is not funded by the general fund of Our Savior?  I am funded totally by the generosity of folks like you and by fund raising that my team does on my behalf.  If you’d like to donate toward my expenses, I am very appreciative and will give you a big hug.  I love going to Feeder’s Supply, so a gift card from there is always great.  Since our ministry is not funded through the OSLC general fund, we appreciate all monetary donations as well. 


Another way that you can also help out my ministry is by saving your aluminum cans and recycling them here at church.  Drop them off in the trailer parked in the southwest back corner of our church parking lot.  All proceeds go to our Comfort Dog ministry.  Thank you!


If you or your family has a need for comfort, please contact my “top dog,” Doug Netherton to arrange a visit.  We’d be happy to arrange a visit.


My verse is Exodus 34:6, "And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, 'The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.'" 


In HIS Love,

Mercy Comfort Dog

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