We are currently working on creating a number of instructions that will help our members understand how we are approaching the Coronavirus. As different elements of our response are formulated, we will post the relevant updates that our members need on this page.

Our Savior Lutheran Church is going to remain open for the time being, but we are seeking to limit attendance to no more than 50 persons. To do so, we ask you to sign up using the sign up button below this post. You may also call the church office to have them sign you up for a service. For now the plan is to offer one service at 8:30am on Sunday mornings so that our Facebook stream will not crash when everyone else is trying to stream at the same time. We are continuing to provide this service with the intention that every member would be able to take a turn in the physical worship service and thereby be able to receive communion at least once a month. Additional services may be added as we move forward and better understand the number of people that are desiring to continue to meet. If you cannot be in one of the services but desire to receive communion, please call the church office and schedule a time when you and your family can partake of a prayer service and communion. No member should feel obligated by the church to attend a physical service, but should follow their own conscience, and exercise personal responsibility. If you are in one of the more vulnerable segments you are encouraged to take seriously the advice of your healthcare professional. If you must remain home because of your vulnerability but are not sick, you may request a visit from pastor or an elder. If you are experiencing any symptoms whatsoever, we ask that you refrain from attending in person and make use of the live stream or recording instead.

We are currently getting many calls about offerings. We very much appreciate our members continuing to support the ongoing ministry of the church and school at this time as your generosity has always been vital to the ongoing ability of Our Savior to provide the spiritual care that we all so desperately need. At this time we are requesting people to prayerfully consider taking the time to sign up for our electronic giving option under the GIVE tab at the top of the page. This option does not require you or the church to pay any additional fees and is linked directly to your bank account through a secure connection to the bank. This option can also be canceled at a later date if you desire to go back to using checks after the pandemic has passed. While mailing in your checks is also an option, when we receive cash and checks it requires us to ask people to come in to make the appropriate count and then go to the bank which is becoming increasingly more difficult. No matter how you choose to give, your offering will be recorded and you will be provided the same tax receipt.

Palm Sunday Through Easter Services: Because things are changing so rapidly, we have not yet had opportunity to make any decisions about how to address Holy Week. For now, the sign up app will limit the numbers to 50, but if you are interested in attending and there are no longer any slots, please call the office and indicate your desire which will then enable us to make a better decision about how to proceed. 

Emails and Cell Phone numbers: Our desire is to keep you informed of all of the changes as efficiently and effectively as possible. During this time when physical contact is going to be limited, we believe that regular contact by the elders to their members is critical. We do not have many of your cell phone numbers. We will assure you that the numbers will not be shared with anyone except the elders, but we ask that you please provide us those numbers at this time. Would you please take the time to navigate to the CONNECT tab and provide us with your cell phone number and current email address. In this way you will help us make sure that you are receiving the newest information, and most importantly that we can continue to provide the best spiritual care no matter what the next few weeks entail. 

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