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Voters Meetings and Congregational Assemblies

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As detailed out in Article VI of the Constitution of Our Savior, "all communicant members of the congregation who have attended their 18th birthday and have declared their acceptance of, and have signed, this Constitution shall be entitled to vote.  This group shall be known as the Congregational Voters Assembly."

Article IX details the Authority of the Congregational Voters Assembly: 

The Congregational Voters Assembly as a body:


      A.   Is the final authority in all matters, but charges the Department of Elders with the general spiritual

supervision of the church members, and in the interest of the effective stewardship of time and talents,

delegates administrative authority to the President of the congregation and to the Church Council for budget

concerns and normal operational policies.


      B.   Annually review the President’s report of the total program.


      C.   Approves the budget and the annual plans for the program with or without changes as recommended

by the Church Council.


      D.   Elects the Church Council which shall consist of:  The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Head Elder and the Department Heads of the congregation.  Other officers, boards or committees may be established and all shall be elected or appointed in the manner and for the term prescribed in the by-laws of this constitution. The President, Vice President and Head Elder all shall be male and shall have the eligibility qualifications specified in Synod’s current handbook.


      E.   Annually reviews and confirms, by majority vote, the members of the Department of Elders.


      F.   Decides general matters by a simple majority of the voters present at a meeting properly convened.  All matters of doctrine and of conscience shall be decided only by the Word of God.

For questions and concerns regarding this or any congregational meeting, please email the Congregational President

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