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Our Savior has a thriving Small Group Ministry that covers all ages and interests. If you are looking for a way to become more immersed in God’s Word, form deeper relationships with other members, or you’re just curious, we have a place for you! Look below to see our current small group offerings, we hope you’ll consider joining!

We are looking at starting up a few new groups in the new year! Please consider joining a small group if you are not already involved. If you have an interest in starting a new small group Bible study, please contact Scott.

Growing Faithfully Together

Leader: Chip and Wendy Davidson
Age Group: families with young children, new/expecting parents
Contact: Chip or Wendy | or


Leaders: Ginny Adams
Age Group: baby boomers, empty-nesters, pairs, and spares
Contact: Ginny Adams |

Prime Time Disciples

Leaders: rotation among members
Age Group: parents with school-age children
Contact: Eric Lehenbauer |

Young Adults ChristCare Group

Leader: Hilary Agnew
Age Group: college-age, young singles, and married couples
Contact: Hilary Agnew | 


(ChristCare’s Proud Parents)

Leader: Scott Kamman
Age Group: parents with school-age children
Contact: Scott Kamman | 


(Seniors Sharing Our Faith)

Leader: Norm Kendt
Age Group: seniors
Contact: Jerry Granderson |

Sunday School Parents

Leader: Audrey Felix
Age Group: parents of Sunday School children
Contact: Audrey Felix | 

Widow's Group

Leader: Dorothy Van Sant and Jean Pillischafske
Age Group: widows
Contact: Jean |
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