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This year marks the annual singing of Handel’s Messiah hosted by Our Savior Lutheran Church. We hope you'll join us for this truly special event on December 5th, 2023

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions for this event:

  • Q: I would love to sing, but I do not have a vocal score of the Messiah.

    • A: You are welcome to use one of Our Savior’s vocal scores if you do not have your own.  Please remember to return the score at the end of concert.

  • Q: If I am a Soprano, can I sit with other sopranos?

    • A: We encourage singers to sit by sections and there will be signs posted to know where each section is located.

  • Q: I would prefer to sit and sing with my spouse. Is that permissible?

    • A: That is fine! We simply want you to enjoy the experience.

  • Q: Can I come just to listen and not sing?

    • A: Of course! Come and listen.

  • Q: Is there any rehearsal?

    • A: No, just introductions, general announcements and then we begin the oratorio.

  • Q: How much of the Messiah will we sing?

    • A: We will do the first section (the Advent section) and then we will add the “Hallelujah Chorus” which actually concludes the second section of the Messiah.

  • Q: I am thinking about bringing my youngsters with me.  How long is the concert?

    • A: We should expect that our singing will be just over an hour.

  • Q: Is the Sanctuary handicap accessible?

    • A: Yes! The Sanctuary is located on the second floor, please use the elevator which is located on the hallway leading to the school area.

  • Q: Is there a charge for the concert?

    • A: The concert is free to sing and to attend! There will be an offering basket in the church lobby if you would like to assist in the cost of this large endeavor.  Your gift is greatly appreciated. Check can be made to Our Savior Lutheran Church and are tax deductible.

For additional questions and more information, please email or call the church office at, or 502 426-1130.

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