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Adult Choir

The Adult Choir meets on Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:45 PM in the music room.  Anyone high school age or older is welcome to join. If you are unable to commit singing regularly, there are opportunities to sing for special times, such as Christmas, Easter, or Passion Week. 


The choir performs special music at services throughout the year (e.g., during Christmas, Passion Week, and Easter) and sings a variety of musical selections from the works of Bach and Haydn, as well as more contemporary composers.  


Praise Team

To accompany the congregation, Our Savior Lutheran incorporates a contemporary praise team.  We graciously welcome any musician who is interested in using his or her talent to help us in our second worship service on Sundays at 11 AM.  We are in need of both singers and instrumentalists, especially drummers. Your time commitment depends solely on you, as little or as much as you desire.  Rehearsals are on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.

Handbell Choirs

Adult Handbell Choir

Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings directly before the choir rehearsal, beginning at 6:30 PM in the choir room. Anyone, high school age or older, is welcome to join us. Basic music note reading ability is our only requirement. 

Junior Handbell Choir

The Junior Bell Choir is for any child from Our Savior Lutheran Church or School in grades 4-8 who has an interest in playing and has some music reading skills.  Interested students will be encouraged to sign up on the music room door when school is back in session.  Starting the week of August 26, we will be setting up rehearsal times, practicing after school from 3:30 - 4:30 PM in the music room. 



Instrumentalists are always welcome to participate in worship, either by assisting in the accompanying of the hymns or playing special music for the worship service. Please contact Scott Kamman if this interests you.

Our Savior Lutheran School Band is currently without a leader.  If you know anyone who would like to collaborate in setting up a school band program, please contact Scott Kamman.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild helps keep the Sanctuary decorated throughout the year by changing paraments, flower arrangements, and banners throughout the seasons. Please contact the church office if serving in this way interests you.

Liturgical Rotations

Monthly rotation of hymnal liturgies for our 8:30a services:

  • First week:  Divine Service 1

  • Second week:  Divine Service 4

  • Third week:  Divine Service 5

  • Fourth week:  Divine Service 3

  • Fifth week:  Matins (with Holy Communion)

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