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A lot of church members shrink when they hear that word.


Whether it makes you uncomfortable or you think you don’t need to hear about it because you already know “the rules," our prayer is that you open your heart to hear from God’s word on the topic.

In the packet linked below, you will find daily devotions suitable for all ages, followed by a more thought-provoking bible study to really dive into the topic.


This packet is not intended to be a comprehensive study or a full examination of Stewardship at Our Savior Lutheran Church, but rather it is a starting point for a lifetime of continued faithful Stewardship.

We are blessed with a vibrant Congregation and School. In thanksgiving, let us pray that we faithfully follow God’s will to best use our time, talents, and treasures to further His mission through each of us.

As you work through this packet in your own homes, feel free to then discuss with those you see at bible study, church, other fellowship opportunities, and of course, members of the Stewardship Committee.

As a committee, we are praying that each of you end Stewardship month with a renewed sense of God’s will for their own stewardship and prayerfully take steps to grow in faithfulness.


OSLC Stewardship Commitee

Kaylee Price, Dave Seibold, Chris Phoebus, Richard Schwartz

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